Pet Adoption

So, you are thinking about a new pet.

Often finding that perfect match results from being informed.  Being better-informed means you will provide your new pet with the best forever home it can have.  As you can imagine, having to re-home a pet can be terribly traumatic for both the pet and the well-intentioned owner.  Becoming an informed and responsible pet owner before bringing your new pet home means a life of happiness for both you and your perfect pet match.

Being a pet owner should be a wonderful experience, but the lack of preparation often results in a terrible experience for both you and the pet.  Whether you are buying from a responsible breeder, adopting from a shelter, or taking in a rescue, there are some things you should know BEFORE you bring your new pet home.

Our course can help you prepare to be an informed and responsible pet owner.  The course covers areas you should know about BEFORE getting your new pet.  The course covers five important topics often overlooked in the pet adoption or buying process.  Those areas are: Criminal Law, Civil Law, Insurance Matters, Veterinarian Topics, Human Health Concerns, and Pet Behavior Issues.

Also, having completed the class BEFORE adopting or acquiring a new pet will give your chosen adoption facility, rescue group, or responsible breeder the assurance that they are sending a pet home with a committed owner and that the pet will have a loving and informed forever home.

Learning about these topics will make you better informed, help you choose the best match for you and your family, and help make you be a more responsible pet owner.

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Did you know just how many dog owners there are in the US? And for those who have dogs, they average about 1.6 dogs per household!
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Did you know how many cat owners there are in the US? And for those who have cats, they average about 1.8 cats per household!
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There are nearly 4.5 million dog bites reported each year in the US, with nearly 850,000 victims who seek medical attention. This number is on the rise!
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Of the multitude of dog bite victims each year in the United States, more than 15,000 lead to a court case. Payouts have jumped 55.3% in the past decade!

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