affords an opportunity to resolve animal and pet related criminal cases by educating violators.


This course is an alternative, public-safety minded class designed to help educate people facing legal actions resulting from a pet’s bad behavior. It is also for people looking to reduce homeowner risks and insurance costs.

This course may help people criminally charged with local ordinance violations, quasi-criminal actions, misdemeanors, and even felonies. Charges can include simple leash law violations, barking dog nuisances, failure to control animal complaints, animal care, neglect, or abuse cases, and even attacking and biting incidents.

Traditionally, such criminal cases are resolved by either fining or jailing or both. Did you know, however, that in March 2016, the United States Department of Justice issued a nationwide letter to courts? That letter was “…intended to address some of the most common practices that run afoul of the United States Constitution…as well as to suggest alternative practices that can address public safety needs…”.

The Department of Justice noted:

“Recent years have seen increased attention on the illegal enforcement of fines and fees in certain jurisdictions around the country – often with respect to individuals accused of misdemeanors, quasi-criminal ordinance violation, or civil infractions.”

This is significant because the United States Supreme Court has held that alternatives to jail and fines must be considered. According to the Department of Justice, such alternatives could include “public safety classes” among other things. takes the Department of Justice’s concerns and the Supreme Court’s decision seriously. specifically developed this course as an alternative to fining and jailing people facing criminal charges resulting from a pet’s bad behavior. This course may also supplement in cases where additional information and education are needed.

This course may help reduce a homeowner’s or renter’s risk of having pets and may lead to discounted insurance rates with participating companies. Family pets can do things that result in lawsuits. As a result, judges and juries have issued significant money judgments against a pet owner for personal injuries and damages caused by bad pet behavior.

A recent insurance company study revealed that more than $73 million in claims were paid out for dog bite cases alone. Many insurance policies may also exclude pets thereby making you personally responsible for paying any monetary judgments. You can help protect yourself from such claims, and even ask for reduced insurance rates on home owner’s, renter’s and pet insurance, in several ways – including getting the information offered by!

Whether you’re seeking an alternative to criminal fines and jail time, searching for information to protect yourself from a lawsuit, or looking to reduce insurance costs, is a course that can help.

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Did you know just how many dog owners there are in the US? And for those who have dogs, they average about 1.6 dogs per household!
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Did you know how many cat owners there are in the US? And for those who have cats, they average about 2.1 cats per household!
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